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Quick Crypt 1.1

Quick Crypt 1.1: Encrypt your private files with AES 256-bit file encryption AES 256-bit file encryption. Store password hint, file owner, and file comment in the encrypted file. Store encryption properties in profiles for easy retrieval. Set file to expire after a certain number of days. Encrypt file with a unique System ID to prevent decryption on other systems. File verification ensures file was not modified after encryption. Automatically sync encrypted file to your cloud folders. Securely erase files up to 40x.

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Keeping Your Secrets Secret: SDS 1.2

AES 256-bits. All symmetric encryption uses random numbers as keys and our own Seecrets Signature-Free technology.
The powerful password manager is the world`s first with the strength (entropy) of a randomly generated 256-bit AES key. It is also resistant to all key loggers and eavesdroppers.
* It is FREE for personal use.
* It is easy to use, no more difficult than driving a car. Most crypto or e-security software are normally

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DiskEncryptor 1.6: Encrypt and decrypt a disk or cd image transparently, and protect your...
DiskEncryptor 1.6

A transparent(on-the-fly) disk/cd encryption system, which combin with AES 256-bit encryption. DiskEncryptor can make a disk partition encrypted on the windows system or create some new virtual disks and cds. After encypted, all the operation for this encrypted disk is as the same as a normal disk, when read and write, the decryption and encryption engine is running at background and transparently.

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PenProtect 1.45: The encryption solution to secure your USB Flash Drive with AES 256 and Password
PenProtect 1.45

PenProtect is the most comprehensive and secure solution to protect the files within your USB Flash Drive, Flash Memory or Pen Drive. Files are encrypted and protected using your Password and a special technique (AES algorithm 256 bit key). PenProtect requires no installation. It is a single file located in the home folder of your Flash Drive. Ability to encrypt or decrypt only required files. No size limit of encrypted files.

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Dekart Secrets Keeper 3.11: File encryption - 256-bit AES encryption for MS Office and other files
Dekart Secrets Keeper 3.11

Protect your important files with 256-bit AES encryption. Full integration with Microsoft Windows® Explorer, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.To encrypt or decrypt files, simply click Encrypt or Decrypt buttons in the main dialog or press the Encrypt or Decrypt buttons in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Allows to store passwords on the USB flash drive, CD`s. Full data portability - work safely with your data from any machine.

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DataLocker SkyCrypt SkyCrypt - FIPS 140-2 validated, Cloud Encryption Gateway
DataLocker SkyCrypt

SkyCrypt is a FIPS 140-2 validated Cloud Encryption Gateway. It allows users to add 256 bit AES encryption to local drives, Google Drive, Dropbox, Bitcasa, SkyDrive or most any other cloud storage service. SkyCrypt features include : NIST FIPS 140-2 validation, AES 256 bit encryption, optional 2 factor authentication via Google Authenticator for IOS or Android, and encrypted file names

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Encryption Shield 2.0.2: Encryption Shield enables you to encrypt and password protect any type of file.
Encryption Shield 2.0.2

Encryption Shield enables you to encrypt and password protect any type of file, including documents, images, videos etc. The program offers a choice of 4 encryption algorithms, Rijndael with 256 bit key (AES 256, now it is Advanced Encryption Standard), Blowfish, DES, 3DES,and converts the protected file into a decfile.

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